Why Local?

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Written by: Kirsten

Ingredients Origin

Ingredients origin. The thought seems a bit scary these days as we delve deeper into a world where products from all corners of the world can be delivered to our doorsteps at the click of a button. This is especially true for food and beverage products. When we read labels, we’re often looking for what, or how much of a certain ingredient there is, but we don’t always think about where each ingredient is from.

The buy local movement has put the origin of each ingredient into the spotlight, but there are still many products we pick up and put in our baskets without necessarily wondering how many kilometres each piece has traveled to get on the shelf. It is often more economical for companies to source certain products from areas of the world where there’s an abundance of an item.

For example, if a Canadian company was looking to commercialize an ice cream business, with “pineapple” as their featured flavour, it would make much more sense for them to directly source their fresh pineapple from Costa Rica, or Brazil; the world’s top 2 producers of pineapple. Sure, they could source their dairy from Canadian farmers, but trying to hunt down a good amount of pineapple for a reasonable price locally would pose a bit of a problem.

Today we want to share a bit of insight on how we source our fruit and water. We also want to take some time to explain why sourcing locally is so important to our ethos.

Our Farmers & Suppliers

As proud Nova Scotians, our co-founders (Ted & Hanspeter) decided early on into the inception of VIVEAU to keep production and sourcing as close to home as possible. Sure, it might be more expensive than purchasing fruit grown in the southern hemisphere, which is available year-round. But Atlantic Canada has a rich history of world class agricultural production, and we wanted to lean on these natural strengths by developing VIVEAU to highlight what our provinces already do well.

Equally integral to the VIVEAU recipe, is our high content mineral water. Ted and Hanspeter did a ton of research on what sorts of mineral waters were available in Canada, and abroad. They tested several varieties, and ended up finding that the mineral water from Spa Springs, right here in Nova Scotia, was best suited for our product. The flavour of the minerality contrasted with our fresh pressed fruit, made for an ideal taste experience. Not to mention the water is loaded with healthy natural minerals, such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, bicarbonate, and others. We call it our version of mindful hydration, keeping us well hydrated while absorbing healthy natural vitamins and minerals from the fruit and water.

To sum up, we’re proud to have relationships with passionate, Atlantic Canadian farmers. We are proud to source some of the finest mineral water in Canada right here in Nova Scotia. We know that our product quality relies our suppliers, which is why we strive to build strong, long lasting relationships with them. They are an integral part of the VIVEAU family, and we’re so excited to build new relationships with other Canadian farms as we continue to grow!

Here’s a list of who we’re currently working with!

  1. Spa Springs Mineral Water Company - This is where we source our mineral water from, and we bottle VIVEAU at this facility! As soon as it’s pressed, our fresh fruit is shipped to Spa Springs right as it’s about to be bottled. They simply mix our fresh pressed fruit with their mineral water, add some carbonation, bottle, pasteurize and it’s ready to hit shelves!
  2. Webster Farms - Webster farms supplies us a few different varieties of fruit. Be on the lookout for new VIVEAU flavours in the future!
  3. Ocean Crisp Apple Company - Ocean Crisp provides us with fresh apples.
  4. Scotian Gold- Scotian Gold provides us with fresh apples.
  5. Stirlings Fruit Farms - Stirlings Fruit Farms provides us with fresh apples.
  6. Noggins Corner Farm - Noggins Corner Farm provides us with a few different varieties of fruit.
  7. Oxford Blueberries - Oxford Blueberries provides us with wild, Nova Scotia blueberries.
  8. Terra Beata Farms - Terra Beata is our pressing partner. All our fresh fruit is pressed and pasteurized here!

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