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Written by: Kirsten

Who we are

By now you’ve likely read a few posts on our blog, checked out our website, and maybe even followed us on social media (if you haven’t yet, check us out! We post some pretty great stuff, I promise).

However, we want to take a moment here to explain a bit more about why our co-founders, Ted and Hanspeter, decided to create VIVEAU. We also want to explain what this category of our blog is for, so stick around until the end of this post for more information.

Hanspeter, who you may recognize as the founder of Nova Scotia’s Grand Pré Winery, was born and raised in Switzerland. Growing up, a staple beverage for him was the Schorle, which typically combines 50% apple juice with 50% carbonated mineral water. Being one of the most popular beverages in Europe, Hanspeter met with Ted, who has an extensive background in product development, to discuss the potential of bringing a similar drink to Canada.

The most important characteristic that makes a Schorle, a Schorle, is that it’s a simple blend of fruit juice and carbonated mineral water. While there are other North American products similar to the Schorle that contain a mixture of juice, carbonated water, and the occasional addition of other ingredients, none had that unique 50/50 blend of healthy fruit, never from concentrate, and pure mineral water.

In essence, that’s how the idea came alive. Their next steps were to begin product testing, and determining where to source ingredients from. If you’re looking for a bit more information on our ingredients and sourcing, check out our blog post entitled, Why Local?

Something that was critical to the evolution of what was “Project Sparkle”, to what is now “VIVEAU”, was ensuring that everything we do holds true to our ethos of honest and radical transparency. Our recipe and relationships with suppliers enabled us to create a simply delicious product, with only two pure and amazing ingredients. We really do have nothing to hide.

Project Sparkle was the temporary name for our product while we were testing, building, and creating the brand before we came up with what you now know as “VIVEAU”.

Our Inspiration & Goodness

Now let’s get into what this section of our blog is really for. I wanted to first explain the ethos behind VIVEAU for an understanding on why we’re working to bring this product to market. Schorle is a drink that anyone can feel good about choosing, and we know that VIVEAU will invoke those same feelings. All of us at VIVEAU are committed to ethical and radical transparency. We want you, our consumers, to know what we’re doing, and exactly how we’re doing it.

As the people behind the company, and also as consumers of this product (we’re all a little addicted, we must admit), we feel good about choosing VIVEAU. We have a saying in the office that we’d like to be a brand our consumers would want to be friends with. Sure, it sounds a little cheesy, but that really is a principle that guides our actions every day. We want choosing VIVEAU to be guilt free, enjoyable and uplifting for anyone who picks up a bottle. Creating these moments of goodness for our consumers, however small they may be, are what makes this all worth it!

We feel incredibly grateful and excited to be able to share a product like this with you. Using #drinkviveau we want you, the consumer, to share your stories about places, moments, or memories that fill you with the same sense of “goodness” that we feel VIVEAU inspires!

To get the ball rolling, a couple of our staff members will be sharing their moments of inspiration and goodness. We’ll link to those posts in this section, and in the Social section of our blog. We look forward to sharing your stories with our community. Let’s promise to keep spreading positivity, goodness and support for one another. That’s what VIVEAU is all about.

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