Our Mineral Water

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Written by: Morgan & Kirsten

Our Mineral Water

By now you may have read a few more details about our fruit suppliers, and some of the health benefits from our chosen fruit varieties. In this post, we wanted to go a bit more in-depth about our reasons for creating a mixed beverage with pressed fruit and water. In particular, we want to delve into the health benefits gained from drinking mineral water, as well as how and why we chose our source as Spa Springs Mineral Water Company.

Now, for anyone wondering what exactly makes mineral water differ from certain other bottled waters, or the water that comes out of your tap, we wanted to write up a brief explanation of what makes mineral water special.

Mineral Water

Mineral water is water that has been sourced from a mineral spring, which then is usually bottled and sold. Most types of water will have some sort of mineral content, but mineral water specifically will provide much more of those minerals and at a greater quantity per serving. It can contain up to four times as much calcium and magnesium than regular tap water. Proven benefits of mineral water include:

  • Improving blood circulation - helps to supply much needed oxygen to the brain and other organs and also will make you feel less tired!
  • Replacing electrolytes - important chemicals (like potassium and calcium) as well as salts (like bicarbonate) that form electrically charged particles that carry the electrical energy needed in order to carry out functions like muscle movement and nerve impulses.
  • Detoxifying the body - detoxing the body gives you many benefits such as boost energy levels, reduce inflammation, strengthen your immune system, and help to improve your mood!
  • Boosting bone mineral density - this is the amount of mineral that is contained within the bone, which is what gives it strength. It sounds cliche but, having strong bones is an important part of your overall health as you age, especially for women!

VIVEAU Mineral Water

When it came to choosing the mineral water that we wanted to source for VIVEAU, it was a natural pairing between the high mineral content water offered at Spa Springs, and the nutrient rich fruit is grown in our beautiful Annapolis Valley.

Spa Springs mineral water is sourced from a natural spring that flows over layers of rock formed over 1.2 billion years ago in Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley. The mineral water has achieved an incomparable level of purity and mineralization. This mineral water source has been known for hundreds of years by the Mi'kmaq people as a source of nutrition and hydration. It was also known by locals to help with common ailments and inflammation for hundreds of years.The water from Spa Springs is high in bicarbonate, which helps cycle oxygen through the body and promotes a healthy pH level helping with functions like kidney health. It is also a good source of calcium, which strengthens the bones and benefits muscle tissue. Our mineral water is also a good source of sulfates, which can help aid in detoxification of the body. Spa Springs mineral water is also a source of Magnesium, which helps maintain normal muscle function and works to support the immune system.

These benefits, along with the pride we take in being able to source our natural mineral water so close to home, is why we found the partnership with Spa Springs to be the perfect match for our product. Using this high quality water is something we take great pride in, and we know you’ll be able to taste the difference this quality makes in each bottle of VIVEAU.

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