Our Ethos

VIVEAU is full-flavoured refreshment.

Our ethos is based on integrity, transparency, honesty, and trust. We do not believe in sugar coating anything. Whether we are communicating with customers, stakeholders or with our team, honesty and transparency are always the best policy. Full-flavoured and refreshing . . . that is who we are and what we do.

We believe in sustainability, simplicity and local pride.

We are proud to support local growers and we are committed to protecting the environment. We are also committed to providing a healthy yet tasty alternative to high-sugar and high-calorie drinks because our customers’ health is important to us.

From humble beginnings.

VIVEAU was founded in 2018. Based in Nova Scotia's beautiful Annapolis Valley, our mission is to create a portfolio of beverages that highlight local ingredients and flavours. Bottled in Nova Scotia, VIVEAU offers both soda and sparkling water lovers a healthier alternative to high-sugar, high-calorie products. We believe the best flavours come directly from nature, which is why we work with local growers to provide our customers with the best in taste and health. As such, all of the flavours in our beverages come directly from the orchard, not a lab! No added sugars, no preservatives, just pure natural goodness.

Quality water is our promise to you.

VIVEAU is committed to providing healthy beverages that taste delicious. Naturally sweet, no added sugar, low in calories, and refreshingly good! That is the VIVEAU promise.

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Close Water Analysis

Mineral Water

  • Sodium (Na) 39.4 mg/l
  • Magnesium (Mg) 10.4 mg/l
  • Potassium (K) 2
  • Calcium (Ca) 292 mg/l
  • Bicarbonate (HCO3) 120 mg/l
  • Sulfate (SO3) 699 mg/l
  • Chloride (Cl-) 9.3 mg/l
  • Nitrate (NO3) 1.8 mg/l
  • Carbonate (CO3) < 3 mg/l
  • Floride (F) 0.21
  • Total Hardness 43.20 ˚dH
  • TDS 1195 ppm
  • pH 7.3

*Measurements are based on the 2015 Fresenius Mineral Water Analysis Report